Anti Gravity #3, Newport News, VA - indoor skatepark - 3rd location

Anti Gravity #2, Williamsburg, VA - indoor skatepark - 2nd location

Anti Gravity #1, Williamsburg, VA - indoor skatepark - original location

Project 58 at Vertical Urge Skate and Surf Shop - Raleigh, NC - indoor skatepark

Fusion skatepark, Greenville, NC - indoor skatepark

B Cubed, Moon Township, PA - existing indoor skate/bike park entirely redesigned and rebuilt

The ROC Skatepark, Richmond, VA - outdoor skatepark

YDG skatepark, Graham, NC - indoor wood bowl addition

Greenfield Grind, Wilmington, NC - The design of this park was a collaboration between Jim Rees and Wally Hollyday and construction was headed by Wally Hollyday. Completed in April 2001.

chapel hill skatepark

Chapel Hill, NC - This skatepark was constructed for the town of Chapel Hill. The design was based on plan furnished by the town. It was completed in September 1999. The 10,000 sq. ft. street area features banks, quarter pipes, ledges, rail and hip with the largest ramp being 8' high. It is constructed of treated wood with Skatelite surface.

Skate Factory, Swansboro, NC. This addition to the street area by Jim Rees was completed in September 2000. The addition includes hips, bowled corners, rounded hip and platform to transition roll-in. Because of limited ceiling height, ramp heights range from 3' to 4'6". (point mouse to ramps)

jacksonville skatepark

Jacksonville, NC - This skatepark was designed and constructed for the city of Jacksonville to accomodate skateboarders and inline skaters. It was completed in April 2000. The 10,800 sq. ft. park features a 5'6" halfpipe, a street area and separate beginner area. Ramps are constructed of treated wood with Skatelite riding surface. Also pictured on home page.

Skate Barn, Hampstead, NC - Constructed in 1993, the Skate Barn features a 3' deep bowl and street area. The 5' wood bowl with mdf surface (left) was added in 1997. A 6' outdoor half-pipe and various new street ramps have been added since 1997.

ramp house bowl

Ramp House, Carolina Beach, NC - This privately owned indoor skatepark was constructed in 1989 and featured an 8' deep bowl, a 6' half pipe with spine, a vert ramp, a 3' deep bowl, a 3' half pipe and an outdoor street area. Brian Howard in pic.

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